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Fri, Feb 28
Let's write together the Schuman Declaration of 2020!
In collaboration with the University of Tartu.
Fri, Mar 06
University of Deusto
Grassroots Event in Bilbao
In collaboration with the University of Deusto.
Fri, Mar 27
State library Styria
Grassroots Event in Graz
In collaboration with UEF-Styria (EFB-Steiermark) and JEF-Styria (JEF-Steiermark).
Sat, Mar 28
Internationales Bildungszentrum dock eur
70 years from the Schuman Declaration, what Future for Europe?
In collaboration with Europa Union Landesverband Hamburg and JEF Hamburg.
Fri, May 08
House of European History
Citizens Summit on Europe Day
This event is meant to present the meaning of the Schuman declaration and discuss on its long-term perspectives. It will be an occasion for participants to share their ideas and reflect on Schuman’s vision.
Thu, Feb 20
Un nuovo slancio per l'Europa
Con Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Trieste, MFE, ProgettiAmo Trieste, Conservatorio Tartini, Scuola di Musica 55, Studenti in Movimento e in coorganizzazione con il Comune di Trieste, Dipartimento Innovazione e Servizi Generali-Ufficio Comunicazione-Centro d'Informazione europea Europedirect.
Sat, Jan 25
Lille Catholic University
Ecrivons la déclaration Schuman 2020
En partenariat avec UEF France, Université Catholique de Lille et Eurométropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai.
Sat, Dec 14
Sleep well hostel
Schuman 2.0 Ambassador Training | 14-15 December | Brussels
You believe in the European project and you wish to raise awareness of one of the founding moments of the European Integration project and take part in the ongoing debate on the future of Europe? Register to the Scuman 2.0 Ambassador Training taking place in Brussels, 14-15th of December!