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New Schuman 2.0 Declarations


On May 9, 1950, Robert Schuman, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, launched an appeal on the construction of Europe in his speech in the Salon de l'Horloge of the Quai d'Orsay on the proposal of Jean Monnet. This historical statement is considered as the founding moment of the European Union. It proposes to pool the following under an international authority of the French and German coal production and which led in 1951 to the formation of the Economic Communities for the Coal and Steel (ECSC).

This ambitious declaration has remained in European history as the speech that has launched European integration. Europe Day is thus symbolically celebrated on May 9th.


Seventy years later, it is your turn, write a new statement just like the one awarded by Robert Schuman!


You want to relaunch European integration and give the Union a new lease of life in the European Unions’ future. To do so, we invite you to draft your own Schuman 2.0 Declaration in format of speech of maximum 2 pages addressing the challenges of modern Europe. Submitted declarations will be presented on the Schuman 2.0 website and will be presented, discussed and awarded in a final event, a Citizens Summit on 8th May 2020 in Brussels. 


Rules & Procedures


Participation in the contest is open from January till 20th of April 2020 latest.

The participating Declarations should be either:

  • submitted on-line in a PDF document file which contains author name, last name and contact information and the declaration itself;

  • sent via e-mail to following address:

  • sent via regular mail to the address: Union of European Federalists, 25 Square de Meeûs, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.


The aim of this contest, entitled "Schuman 2.0 Declaration", is to enable European citizens’ to address the challenges of modern Europe, to describe the European Union of their dreams and to demonstrate innovative ideas for the future of Europe.


Participants are invited to write a speech in light with the Schuman Declaration with new impulse to the future construction of Europe. Declaration can be created individually or in groups of up to three people on 1 or 2 pages document. The declaration should be signed by the author or all the members of the creative group and the authors should comply with the terms of UEF use and publication of the presented declarations in the frame of the Schuman 2.0 project. The declaration should be written in English or in one of the European Union member state language.


Each participant can present one declaration to the contest.


Selection process and criteria


Each Grassroot event will select up to 5 new Schuman declarations to submit to the European Schuman 2.0 Declaration contest.

All the declarations submitted to the contest will be published on the Schuman 2.0 website and available to citizens’ for voting. The top ranking Schuman declarations will be presented at the final Citizens Summit on 9th of May in Brussels.

A jury composed of experts and members of the Schuman 2.0 partner organisations will select and award the most successful declaration of the contest.

Selection procedure will be done according to the criteria:

  • Respect of the format and timeline

  • Relevance of the declaration

  • Drafting quality

  • Innovative aspect


Schuman 2.0 Declaration award


The successful declaration author will be informed via e-mail and will be invited to the final Citizens’ Summit to present the awarded declaration. The prize to the awarded declaration author will consist of trip to Rotterdam and entrance to the Eurovision contest for two persons


Ready to participate to the contest?

By submitting the declaration you declare to be the author and free owner of the declaration submitted and  you grant Union of European Federalists the right and permission to use and publicly disclose my declaration submitted to the Schuman 2.0 contest.

Please submit your Schuman 2.0 Declaration in a PDF file, containing your name, your contact information and the declaration, by uploading it!

Upload your declaration

You can also send your Schuman 2.0 Declaration in PDF file by mail