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The European Federalists and Schuman 2.0 project partners are calling for Schuman Ambassadors in the frame of the 70th year of the Schuman Declaration.

The Schuman 2.0 project is a remembrance project run by the European Federalists and co-founded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Commission. 

Between end of 2019 and June 2020, we will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Schuman declaration on 9th May 2020 with a double purpose: raise awareness of the deep roots of the European project and foster the debate on a common vision of Europe’s shape and mission in the years to come to complete the long-term project that was already envisaged in the Schuman declaration.


Schuman 2.0 Ambassadors

30 young Schuman 2.0 ambassadors will be selected and trained during the Ambassadors training in Brussels in December 2019 and will act as facilitators and multipliers during the whole project duration period.

The Ambassadors will participate in at least two grassroots event organised by project partners. 


Application and selection criteria

The applicants must be young people willing to reach out to students and civil society activists at all social backgrounds and share their passion for European unity. Ambassador should speak English and at least one other European language. An additional language from the country where events are held will be seen as an asset in the selection.


Ambassadors must commit to attend the Ambassadors training taking place in Brussels 13-14 December 2019 and at least to 2 grassroots events.

Ambassadors should demonstrate a strong desire to promote European values and European integration founding moment and to contribute to the project Schuman 2.0 activities and deliverable.

Motivated ambassadors should apply by filling the application form, including a short motivation, by 17th of November.

Selected ambassadors will be informed about their selection and further steps to follow by 19th of November.


The goals and functions of Ambassadors

  • to attend the Schuman 2.0 Ambassadors training in Brussels, 14-15th of December 2019;

  • to participate in at least 2 grassroots events in cooperation with local partners and other ambassadors;

  • to collect testimonials on the meaning of the Declaration (text, audio or video) and send to the UEF secretariat for the project website content;

  • to encourage grassroots events’ participants at creating their own message for the future of Schuman declaration and to submit it to the Schuman 2.0 Declaration contest;

  • to promote project activities and results throughout all the project duration via social media and other channels;

  • to attend the final Citizens’ Summit on 9th of May 2020


The travel and accommodation costs of Ambassadors for the events of the projects will be covered by the project, subject to certain caps indicated in the relevant applications and events descriptions.


Contact and information

Don’t hesitate to visit different sections of the Schuman2.0 project website for more information about the project, about the planned events and the Ambassadors’ training.

If you have some questions feel free to contact UEF Secretariat by mail or by phone.


Call is closed - ambassadors have been selected.

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